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Scott's Music Reviews - UK

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Scott's Music Reviews - UK

BAY is a one man Italian band by a guy named Gianni. He has made a few records I could see on Discogs.  He has a few guests on four of the tracks but all the rest he plays himself (guitars, bass drum, high hat, vocals, noises). The opening track, Keep it Goin’ is a short intro guitar piece that leads into the footstomping slide guitar blues work out called Medium size star Bound.  Nice blues guitar playing. Barbed Times has a bit more of a country twang to it and features Andrea on harp and Marquerite on backing vocals. Instead of Nothing is a super catchy track. Andrea returns on the harp for Somebody settles down.  Next up is a Hank Williams cover, Lonesome Whistle Blow, a very laid back track.  Call it Quits kicks up the energy level again with some more intense guitar playing. Boundless is an uptempo track with Yuri providing a frantic guitar solo. Wish Pile Blues is sung in a different style and has a quite happy vibe and includes a whistling section.  Got Blood in my Rhythm is another foot stomping good time blues track. The CD ends with the 7 min long title track and features some nice organ playing and a chance for some longer instrumental sections and a strange spacey instrumental at the end of the track.  I enjoyed the record quite a lot..  Check it out..

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