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TBAY and DM Bob on tour together

I've always been a huge fan of Dm Bob & The Deficits as they've been a prominent influence to TBAY music, so when he gave me a call from a Library's phone booth in Lousiana offering to tour together I got my heart jumping into my mouth, and I was barely able to say "ok Bob I'm in!"

On top of all that, Bob has drawn this amazing Tour Poster and he's gonna bring some extra art paintings he made to sell at the gigs.

You're not missing this, are you?

There will be again, three sets: me as TBAY, DM Bob solo, and then we're gonna do some numbers together for the health of your soul and your mind! 11.9 – Torino (I) @ Blah Blah

12.9 – Forte Marghera (I) @ Pido's B-day Party

13.9 – Jesi (I) @ Mancave

14.9 – Cavriglia, Arezzo (I) @ Abbomba

15.9- Roma (I) @ Luppolo Station

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