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Aggiornamento: 14 gen 2022

“As The Tide Gets High And Low” available in PRE-ORDER at this link:

Because of the current Covid-19 restrictions, the release party and all other live-and-in-person shows in February are going to be re-scheduled. This is surely shitty news but something I took into account when I decided to put this album out regardless of how things could have turned out. I couldn’t wait forever, I needed to put this new record out anyway and move on.

These seem to be hard times for everyone, especially if you’re a musician, but dealing with the hard times is what the Blues is all about.

You get it, you shake it and carry on, making your way out of a bad situation to achieve something good, juicy and even healthier sometimes...

This is my 6th full-length album and… what are the odds??!! It’s about the Blues and what the Blues actually means to me: a countless number of stories that run so deep back in time, music sung by oppressed people who struggled for freedom and a decent living. Some succeeded, some were eventually found, but many more got lost along the way, disappeared forever without a trace.

This album is dedicated to those unknown ones, the poor boys long way from home, whose spirit keeps on ramblin’ relentlessly into the oblivion. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this new recording effort of mine: my friend composer / actor / top-notch sound engineer Guglielmo Nodari who mixed the tracks I had recorded during the lockdown in Torino and also did a great job playing organ and upright bass. My brothers Joost Dijkema (bass), Meek Hokum (guitar, saw), Margherita Patrignani (backing vocals) and Simone Pozzi (drums). Many thanks to Matt Bordin at OUTSIDE INSIDE STUDIO for the mastering!

Last but not least, thanks to Francesco Ernesto Bove, who painted the ape I used for the front cover. I have had that ape framed and hung on my wall for the last 10 years, it’s been watching me, speaking with its eyes… The author said that painting is titled “La Scimmia Innamorata” (“Monkey in love”), but those eyes express a certain sadness and seriousness that reminds of the Blues.

The album is coming out on January 28th, you can PRE-ORDER 'TIL JANUARY 21TH.

Available in two versions on 180gr LP: regular black vinyl and a limited batch of marbled-brown colored ones exclusively through EFT website, along with three different fabulous bundles!

There won’t be live shows for now, just 10 brand new songs you can spin and flip in comfort at your place.

Digital version is downloadable with the pre-order and will be out soon on all digital platforms.

You can listen to the first single “Particle Filter Blues” on Bandcamp

Also… a videoclip is in the making!

Thanks for your support!

We’re working very hard on this!

Stay tuned for the next updates!

Special thanks to MuleFreedom PR, BLUES and anyone else for spreading the news!

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