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More Tour Dates???

It seems things are slowly moving on in terms of shows... So after about 6-7 months of confinement I've got a chance to step across the border and play this strings of shows in Switzerland and France. Looking forward to perform at Bikini Fest in La Chaux DeFonds (CH) for Burning Sound "sweet 16th" anniversary party along with my friends Love Cans and many others. Four towns to rock out on this weekend! Live and in person! Grange, La Chaux DeFonds, Besançon, Grand Fontaine. Here I come! Shows scheduled as follows: 1.10 – Granges (CH) @ Kasse noisettes

2.10 – La Chaux De Fonds (CH) @ Burning Sound Fest

3.10 – Grandfontaine (F) @ Brasserie de Framont

4.10 – Besançon (F) @ La Rodia

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