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Back on the road in solo and duo

Once survived this scorching summer it's time for Gianni TBAY to put on The Blues Against Youth's costume and get back on the road, the place where he belongs. Selected dates as one man band and as duo with the uncanny Leather Tongue John on harp...

soon rocking and rollin' to the next destinations!

23.9.23 - Torino (I) @ Sericraft 20y anniversary (early show) *

10.10.23 - Erbanno di Darfo Boario Terme (BS) @ La Pizza Dello Zio Sem

13.10.23 - Padova (I) @ Circolo Nadir w/ Meek Hokum

14.10.23 - Novara (I) @ Old Tower Pub

26.10 – Brescia (I) @ Torre D’Ercole*

27.10 - Verona (I) @ Osteria ai Preti*

28.10 - Bologna (I) @ Circolo Hex*

29.10 - Rocca Sparvera (I) @ Il Fantasma dei Briganti*

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